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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Midland College need private gifts?

Midland College receives only one-third of its total budget from State of Texas general revenues. Because this status is unlikely to change, the public-private partnership that exists currently must be strengthened. Only then can we continue our standard of excellence, quality education, and community service programs that have distinguished Midland College since 1972.

Who determines the Midland College Foundation's fundraising priorities?

The Midland College Foundation works closely with the Board of Trustees and the administrators of the college to communicate priorities and needs. These identified priorities become the focus of foundation fundraising efforts. Unrestricted gifts are placed in the area with the most need.

Can I make a gift benefit a specific program?

Giving through the Midland College Foundation allows you to designate your gift for a specific purpose. You may direct your preference with a letter, pledge card or notation on your check.

Is the Midland College Foundation a public or private institution?

The foundation is a publicly supported organization [509(a)(1)] with its own Board of Directors.


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